The INCLUSIVE Festival of ARTS

Ariadna's Thread


23-24 of november 2023
art programm

25 of november 2023
business programm

The Festival «Ariadna's Thread»
The Moscow Festival of Creativity of People with Features of Mental Development "Ariadna's Thread" has become a good and widely known cultural tradition. In a creative atmosphere, in a whirlwind of images, ideas, opinions, advanced art-therapeutic and other psychosocial practices lies the originality, attractiveness and importance of the Festival. Moreover, the Festival is important in the practical field, because it allows to master advanced rehabilitation technologies that are developing in the regions and improving the effectiveness of psychiatric care to the population.

The story of the Festival is here:
In which programs do you plan to participate?
Do you need any help with filling out application forms?
I want to participate in several nominations. How do I fill out the application forms?
You have to go to the block with nominations, than if you click on the nomination picture, than a questionnaire will open in a new window.
Fill it out and submit. Then return to the previous page and now choose another nomination - also in a new window a new profile will open, which you need to fill out and submit.
Where I can find work requirements?
If you plan to participate in the creative program of the Festival, go to the "Creative program" section. There you will see a list of nominations and work requirements for each of them. If you plan to participate in the business program with your scientific article or master class, go to the "Business program" section, select the participation format, than the application will open. In the header of the questionnaire you can find all the requirements.
I still have questions about filling out the application form.
You can write us an email with your questions